Giro - R5B0009

Giro - R5B0009

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The inner ring and outer ring are made of aluminum alloy and shaped by extrusion; the base plate and the bracket are mad of hard iron; the surface is treated by dusting; Three optional aparts, honeycomb net, fully toughened frosted glass and clear glass, are available, and users can choose different parts to form different combinations. Fibre box is optional. A reflecting plate is installed and the radiation angle is adjustable and electric appliances are installed externally;

Is suitable for hotels, department stores, various franchise stores, garment stores, superfine goods stores, art galleries, entertainment places, homes, etc... This product is CE certified and all materials are in conformity with RoHs standard.


R5B00009 AW R5B00009 AS

HIT 3x35W G12 3300lm HIT 3x70W G12 7100lm excl. Electronic Ballast


Accessories: Giro recessed box For model: R5B0009 AW R5B0009 AS



Light Bulb Max.35W HIT-CRI 10°

Price: £10.00
QT12 max power 35W G8.5 with 10 degree beam angle